Monday, May 04, 2015


I would, if I could, prefer spending, if I can, my life, or the second half of it, the way it was in the last two months.

Not much in terms of the income, though enough, but lots of free time, so much that I had the house extended, and then painted.

I biked a lot, especially after Legazpi, to make up for a bike-less week, but more to burn the beer, as there was just too much of it.

Then a call, an offer, my somehow reluctant acceptance, and I will be paying taxes again, as was the case, before the last two months happened.

Was it that, the accident at Bacal 3, or the half-cooked liver barbecue, that knotted my insides and melted my pooh.

It will be a new blank chapter and I am sure, but not, what to write...  

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