Monday, March 02, 2015


Or simply the Unretired as I finally pulled myself from the presumed life of an unemployed which the Kingdom of Pee declared me to be but in real life I'm not, and took on several odd jobs to provide for the bread-and-butter.

Meanwhile, unexpected reimbursements tided me as I pondered on the most appropriate investments, lost sleep on Bulan's new bedroom and where will he take college, contemplate on how much will it cost to paint the house, and take those long bike rides to nowhere with Kas Bong who enjoyed watching the sun rise from his saddle.

And that explains, perhaps, the Universality as I effortlessly shifted from a mentor into an editor, from politics to economics, and riding a motorbike and a mountain bike in between to escape the temptation of even looking back at those Manila-based talk shops, ranting and cursing at one who failed to deliver the reimbursement of a promised mobilization, happy that the wife and kids enjoy whatever I cook for dinner.

The thrill of exploring new biking routes further inflamed my addiction to cross-country riding as I tried discovering the most straight lines from Don Francisco Munoz to St. John the Evangelist, in all stealth and determination like a Soldier crawling to an enemy position, and me so powerfully consumed that even the vast rolling fields of Dangla got caught in my jigsaw of odd jobs.

And of course, there's the high moment of voluntarily slipping into a glass of a Double Black whiskey, or maybe a bottle, and the fulfillment of finally crossing the finish line with Bulan and Lupo Domingo Quilban.

I am the Universal Soldier. 

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