Monday, March 30, 2015


The Guitarman performed to an empty bar to pay for his dinner and beer as an accidental meeting with the man formerly known as SLED turned into two bottles of beer, and a bucket from the ex-Boss who came as we were about to leave, and more for Mickey who came possessed and rabid in his defense of a post-Mamasapano unrepentant soon to be ex-president. 

I miss the brandy and the whiskey but the beer will do in bracing myself for a graduation marathon, pissed that Bulan was dropped from the honor roll by a stupid technicality, amused that he won't be getting a consolation perfect attendance medal because of a single tardiness AFTER the regular classes has ended, resigned to climbing the stage several times when his medals and diploma can actually be awarded at the same time, proud that he dared think and act out of the damned conformist box.

Those confirmed "no shows" are starting to get to me but really, riding solo is a preference because the time alone in the saddle gives me the space to reflect further and convince myself that I did right in refusing to work in Eastern Samar and hesitating to a follow-through "medium-term" offer [I thought I am more than a researcher!], why I did not bite the bait of several headhunters [I need more time to discern the way forward!], why I submitted applications to two international NGOs [I thought I should try their online application portal which is actually easy!], why I opted to be an LGU consultant and a freelance editor [I like the flexitime, output based, and work-at-home arrangements!].    

Bottom line: AK got itself a potential National Coordinator and an Advocacy Officer, Enchong Dee received his first degree, Bulan will go to college, and Ariel Guieb Tangilig finally changed tires. 

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