Monday, November 18, 2013


It was our Sunday off.

But MD and me have to brief the "Minister" and the "Ambassador".

That under the equivalent of a Polish rain [ambon to us] which amplified the chilly air.

The Convener waited for us in a bus stop while we waited for him in another.

So that left me, MD, the "Minister", and the "Ambassador" for the Old Town briefing and beyond.

"It was from those paintings that they rebuilt the Old Town. And those are the explosive charges the Germans planted. Warsaw's narrowest house is behind the big bell".

The "Ambassador" knows her Old Town.

And the New Town too where I got another church.

Lunch was pure envy as I watched them nibble on lamb, pork chops, and duck while I have to do with a bland baked trout in a whatever sauce.

But I had pansit finally: homemade Polish noodles in chicken broth.

Plus thick hot chocolate and muffins for dessert in another place.

We took Bus No. 128 back to the hotel.

The briefing has successfully concluded... 

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