Monday, June 17, 2013


Why not a dinner of hot Tom Yum and crisp slices of fried duck sitting on bamboo shoots under a late night sun at the Asia House in Bad Godesberg?

Or bathing a nude German fraulein in melted chocolate and scrubbing her skin with my tounge in Cologne's fabled Chocolate Museum?

But the jigsaw of that city's 12 Romanesque Churches remains broken and picking the missing pieces while blessing their holy WCs with MVI's golden pee is an itch that remains and need scratching.

Maybe a late lunch of sliced Black Forest ham with rye bread on the side while munching on the antics of a solo jazz dancer stealing tunes from a quartet of Germanized mariachis. 

Who am I to resist answering questions on climate change for a free souvenir or writing my name in solidarity with pro-Palestinian activists or conversing with a solo Amnesty International campaigner for human rights in China before that huge exclamation mark of communist German Turks shouting their support for the anarchists of Taksim Square?

And all under the shadow of the Great Cathedral of Cologne! 

Whatever it might be in Deutschland, Indulgence is that whorehouse along Quezon Avenue where angels drink beer and dance like stoned snakes.

FOOTNOTE: For the record, I am sure to have shot two of Cologne's 12 Romanesque Churches namely St. Andreas and the Great St. Martin. The most recent shown here are what I think is the 13th century St. Maria Lyskirchen which is the smallest of the 12 (third photo from the top), one yet to be identified (fourth photo), and the 11th century St. Mary's im Kapitol (fifth photo) which is the largest of the dozen.  

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