Thursday, December 20, 2012



JACK: "We certainly have luck rubbed into us. Remember that procession in Mission Street and the inauguration ritual in Chinatown?

OYET: "Ang cute ng mga flower girl!"

ABET: "Pityuran ko kayo mamaya para may souvenir."

[Oyet disappears, Jack admires the colors of the wedding retinue, Abet look around for the best view].

OYET: (Rushing and extremely excited) "Halikayo! Dali!"

[Jack and Abet followed up the choir loft through the unlocked barricade of the bell tower to the claustrophobic winding stone stairs].

OYET: (Squeezing on a tower hole after reaching a dead end) "Kuhanan mo ako ng pityur!"

ABET: "Okey pero silhouette ka lang dahil wala akong flash at against-the-light."

[Jack disappears].

[All three in the churchyard now and puffing on charcoal-filtered Mild Sevens].

OYET: "There's an African Christ, an Indian Christ, etcetera, but I have yet to see a Filipino Christ."

JACK: "Is that the Virgin Mary?"

ABET: "The legislation of the RH bill is a watershed."

[Another round of Mild Sevens is lighted].

JACK: "Why is she surrounded by these vagina representations?"

[Abet and Oyet looks at the seashells, agrees, and wonders why too].


In a place called Old 37 along Bonifacio Street...

...over beer, crispy kare-kare, kinilaw, pansit, sisig, patatim, adobong kambing, and butter-fried chicken...

...the faithful gathered and paid their respects. 

[They were 4 pairs {Oyet-Jack, Tolits-Tita, Odang-Temyong, Abet-Nene} one loner {Jun}].

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