Saturday, December 01, 2012


Nights in the UN climate change negotiations can be long and grueling.

With varying degrees, depending on the place.

Like warm in Cancun (COP 16), almost humid in Durban (COP 17), cold and windy in Doha (COP 18).

Except for the tense taxi rides in Durban, the long late bus rides in Cancun is almost a deja vu in Doha.

Doha's buses are just smaller, and the police unarmed compared to Cancun's marines and snipers in full battle gear.

The exception of course is the lingering sensation of the yogurt from breakfast, the hummus and lentils from lunch, and the chicken biryani from dinner. 

Then there's the usual negotiators with their lap tops and tablets.

The usual advocacies that became muted and subdued.

The usual side events.

The usual reception ceremony. 

And the usual late lunch and dinners.

In the cold Arabian nights, I search for the genie in the lamp who alone can unlock the Doha expectations. 

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