Sunday, May 27, 2012



Koln is the German pronunciation of Cologne.

And yes, there's more in Koln than the Cathedral.

Like the 12 Romanesque churches which maybe lesser in stature but nonetheless ancient and famous too.

That I did learn later back home.

And realized that I have in fact shot 4 from the cathedral tower: the Great St. Martin Church, the basilica's of St. Gereon and St. Ursula, and circa 970 AD St. Andreas Church (below).

Possibly 6 with the identification of 2 more spires.  

But how did I killed 8 hours in between my hotel check out in Bonn and my reserved train ride to Frankfurt from Koln?

I could have easily if I did my usual Google research and found out about the 12 Romanesque churches.

But I did not so I checked at the Lufthansa Air-Rail counter who told me about them luggage storage machines.

Which 5 Euros did for 24 hours of storage.

And enabled me to explore deeper via shop-lined streets called Richartzstrasse, Ludwigstrasse, Bruckenstrasse where I encountered the Antoniter Church (circa 14th century)...

...Sporergasse, Grosse Neugasse, and Am Domhof before sitting down a stone wall and discreetly espied a nearby young German couple in heavy exploration of each other's tongues.

I walked Richardzstrasse, Ludwigstrasse, and Burckenstrasse again.

There I had my currywurst lunch.

There I women-watched...

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