Monday, May 14, 2012


I have been warned.

It was at first a welcome respite from the broiling weather back home but soon enough, my tropical weather conditioned blood started to curdle as the chilly and almost hostile cold front settled in.

It was too damned cold that I felt nude even with the tropical jacket on top of my business suit. 

The problem is, thermal jackets will certainly cost me a lot. 

But thanks God for colleague Jasper Inventor of Greenpeace who told me how he got a 10 Euro branded ukay jacket at the weekend market in Bad Godesberg's Theaterplatz.

And that's how I got my almost new 35 Euro black leather jacket.

And the 3 antique looking brass wall hangers at 1 Euro each.

And an old Cuban cigar tin case plus an ancient looking wooden jewelry box for my coin collection at 4 Euros each.

And the photos below as I tried unraveling the mysteries of my borrowed Canon EOS 350 and the power of its 55-250 mm lens. 

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