Friday, March 16, 2012


With Aussie couple Zach and Jill plus colleagues from the Kingdom of Pee did a round trip from Baao to Tiwi and back to lick that glass of DJC Halo-halo clean while Eboy breaks bread with the fishers of Lagonoy Bay as Mayon shyly peeled away its cirrus robe.

And yes I did update my take on Malinao's church before Tiwi and Tiwi church before the halo-halo and finally got replaced those pre-DSLR photos as we detoured to the lost city of Ligao and and the governor's hometown of Polangui where it was said that men become priests and the women into whores..

PHOTOS EXPLAINED (top to bottom): [1] Tiwi, [2] Malinao, [3] Ligao City, and [4] Polangui all in the province of Albay.


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