Thursday, August 04, 2011


"Bukas madaling araw na lang ako aakyat ng Baguio boss. Two hours lang naman travel time from Nueva Ecija."


I left home at 4 am, took a 15 minute jeep ride to San Jose City where I waited 1:30 hours for a Baguio-bound bus that never came, before finally deciding on a jeep ride to Umingan, where I took another for Rosales, which cost me another 1:30 hours. 

Then an hour in Carmen for a hurried Jollibee breakfast and bus-waiting, the 2-hour ride to Baguio in a Genesis bus that picked every hailing passenger along the way, and the last 15-minutes in a taxi to the Pine Breeze Cottages.

Total travel time from Munoz to Baguio City: 5:30 hours. And it rained the whole 2 days I was there...    

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