Tuesday, May 03, 2011


Keisha Uy in "PH Travel Book" has the following to say about Gotad ad Kiangan:

  • that Gotad is part of the three Ifugao prestige rites of Balihong, Uya-uy, and Hagabi;
  • that Gotad is celebrated with a lot of drinking, singing, chanting, and dancing;
  • that a gottadan means an ethnic parade. 

I thought Gotad is the Ifugao equivalent of the fiesta. Whatever it is, we are fortunate to shoot our first one in Kiangan as we wind up 3 days of exploring the magnificent terraces of Ifugao. Kuya Egay Carrasco is one very happy photographer and I a very tired middle-aged guy.

FOOTNOTE: Photo immediately above shows (clockwise from left) Gov. Eugene Balitang, Cong. Teddy Baguilat, and who I presume is Kiangan Mayor Joselito Guyguyon.

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