Monday, July 03, 2017


I would with Bulan's homemade pizza to temper the tanginess of the tomato sauce and drown the strong taste of corned beef of what was our Eidul Fitr lunch. 

I am getting convinced that I have a feel for red shirts which perhaps blended well with the "old house" feel of the orchidless Orchid Garden Suites.

Sisig is supposed to be the must-have at Gerry's Grill but I had better versions in places not as "hi-so" and I say the beer went well with the chicharong baboy, the lechong kawali, and the sizzling pusit.

Aristocrat claims to have the best chicken barbecue but I'm no fan of sweet meat and yellow rice so I nursed my beer with crispy pata, bangus belly sinigang, and dinuguan.

It could have been heritage cuisine in Intramuros where the cerveza might have been born in 1890 if not for a kill-joy afternoon rain, weddings in both San Agustin Church and Manila Cathedral, and the fact that Art needs to catch his flight to Osaka that gave us no other choice but a quick calesa tour and me shooting new doors in old Intramuros.    

I like beer and I love biking, not those bamboo bikes which might break in my trails, but my upgraded mountain bike and creaky folded bike, the reasons why I can still drink that beer, eat that sisig [no thanks for the pizza and chicken barbecue], and indulge in the killer pair of beer and lechon.    

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