Monday, March 06, 2017


It is becoming routine: a dull week in between hell weeks. 

And this is a dull week that started with a business-as-usual Monday, Egad in Manila conversing to Bobbie in Yangon through a Spider via Skype as the sole entertainment.   

That's how dull as it gets until night fell in Quezon City when the change pushers came out of their holes to a plot session at the Baluarte JTG in honor of one former police character [he spent jail time], revolutionary songs and clenched fists punctuating speech after speech, giving away their uncured addiction to a way of life the refuses to fade away.

They were A1 intelligence targets before, they are former high government officials now.  

So were those who continue to get a high on the "Four-fold Approach" and "Triadic Paradigm", except for one whose ageing heart sputtered for a while, alive but rattled, the second from our ranks to give in to the physical effects of wear-and-tear. 

The week turned out not so dull after all: crispy pata at Livestock, prawns and mantis shrimps at the Penthouse, cold soba and buffet served ala carte at Domo, and good old home cooking in La Paz. 

That could have easily succumbed to three morning sessions of my acute addiction to biking but a bad shoulder got in the way.

But still, Sunday is not a day if we don't hit the trails, hangover not withstanding...

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