Monday, October 24, 2016


It was from the unpredictable and dangerous streets of Manila that I found solace and come to terms with my unfortunate fate of being cut off from a shortlisting process [pukes], but hugely disappointed that Maginhawa as the touted street food of QC is nothing but cars and closed restaurants at 7 AM [sighs].     

But that was about to change as I made my way to Bangkok in the midst of an unexpected spending spree [GBP 114,000 in two weeks] and the aftermath of Super Typhoon Lawin [should have been with the RAT] to a cabal of ASEAN campaigners that ended in an Indian restaurant along Silom Road. 

And the streets of Bangkok, more than the disorienting reverse way of driving, is a stretch of food museum, from surprising ice cream toppings [sticky rice and red beans] to meat cooked many ways [grilled, fried, sauteed], pre-packed lunch pouches [interesting], deep-fried baby octopus [yucky], cold flower tea drinks [refreshing], and bamboo tubes as drinking vessels [not new] at the Chatuchak Weekend Market.     

I thought that and lunch was the end of it but it turned not as the embers of a shopping binge caught fire which cancelled a meeting [sorry Qaiser and Mustafa], which is the story why I came to have three stainless IKEA reading lamps and on the risk of overloading for the flight back to Manila. 

But that was not the end of it still as it was decided after a pitcher of honey-sweetened lemonade that we will continue our conversation on the "change process" [pukes again] in Soi [street] 4 of Silom Road where sangrias and mojitos rained on a 9-set tapas meal where we also got floored by a late order of paella.  

That made it Indian and Spanish dinners in a row plus buffet breakfasts and lunches, along and outside the streets of Bangkok, which certainly will later require more time in burning excesses in the streets of Manila.

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