Monday, May 02, 2016


St. Peter Chanel would have been a great fisherman, like his namesake, had it not been for Musumusu who have to axe him to death in obedience to his father in-law, King Niuliki, ruler of Futuna and part of Oceania, patron of Taal Vista where Men in White converged to fulfill their solemn duty of paying homage to the Grand Master and electing his successor, nourished by a deluge of fish fillet and chicken parts, steamed or barbecued, and sustained through the day-long committee reports by packs of discounted cigarettes sold by gangling models who can't be refused under the most painful penalty of inhaling strawberry-flavored smoke for life. 

But St. Catherine of Sienna will not be denied or she will subsist on a diet of fish and chicken forever as the virtue of jurisprudence and the interpellations of wise men reverberated across the Great Lake where freshwater sardines offered themselves as feast for the saint's mystic marriage, the discourses pummeling each side of the Great Hall where those gathered witnessed the exoneration or punishment of those accused of sins, and those offering to knead tired minds and bodies were rejected and sent away, with the injunction of being thrown as offerings to the spirits who  haunt the mouth of the volcano, at least until the last sacred ballot has been cast and counted.

Until finally, St. Pius V took pity on those who slept less and swept away the mystery of the last two days with his old Dominican habit, the great leaders of the Craft having been chosen, and parted the mountain for a path leading to a Chinese Market along the Greenfields of St. Rose where Siopao Girl, the anti-Carrot Man, waited with her ware of freshly steamed dimsum that she sold to weary Travelers who can't wait to finally get home...  

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