Monday, April 18, 2016


The Bull grew up not talking much and mostly keeping to himself. 

He is not into playing and going out with friends.

His academic medal count stopped at the fourth grade and he's in middle of his class academic standing at best.

But there's that streak in him that spells SUTIL, and it tells of expecting the unexpected to happen.

Great unexpected things, like passing the tough CLSU Science High School entrance exam.

For it is written in the stars that he will work more than talk; that he will be cynical and dominant yet distant and secretive.

The Bull is an analytical thinker who will thrive on diversity.

He was born to enjoy living and can therefore take life's pain.

It is therefore in honor of his coming of age that a forbidden feast was prepared.

And in salute of his impressive feat, the 373 Bikers and Team SCOM rode together through the hills and dry river beds of Lupao.

The Bull has arrived and he is his father's son.

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