Monday, November 16, 2015


There never were so many bikers and so many blinking lights, and AGT was just awed and happy to be there, the rightness of deciding to stay over the weekend confirmed, and definitely worth the 3 am wake up call.

Happiness too were Komrad Bong and Kuya Darwin who traveled all the way from Nueva Ecija to be a firefly, the sleepless journey somehow soothed by an early morning breakfast of spam and eggs at Burger King and the amusement from a variety of costumed bikers and their interestingly garnished rides, and a pep talk from the reigning Miss Universe-Air that was well applauded by the dominantly male crowd despite a hitch in the sound system.

It was a sight to behold as thousands of blinking bikers assembled together but the best moment was the retaking of EDSA, if only for an hour, when motor vehicles gave way to a spread of bicycles of all sizes and forms pedaling all the way to the Quezon City Hall, to Marikina through the usually traffic-choked city roads, and back to Tiendesitas via expressways and flyovers that were primarily designed for cars.

It was a slow 31-kilometer ride on pure pavement and there were no finisher's medal, but there was Ebe Dancel, the must-be-famous Up Dharma Down, and remnants of Tropical Depression who sang for the fireflies who stayed patiently for the raffle prizes while we tried selling the idea of a tuktuk travelling to Paris.

Finally, the blinkers were turned off, the fireflies went home one by one after the raffle draw and the concert, and the tuktuk got enough signatures to be able to move closer to the Eiffel Tower. 

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