Monday, April 13, 2015


Editing a lengthy research report is not what excites me although it did made, for the first time in my life, preparing a monthly liquidation report far more adorable.

Reviewing a powerpoint presentation for a water conference in South Korea did not even tickle me, neither does packaging a P30 million farm-to-market road project proposal.

That is why perhaps God invented the beer, particularly St. Michael's light beer, and gave us friends to drink it with, especially those who have been around long enough, to break the doldrum of formulating a rush electoral campaign plan and strategizing on what to do with laid-off college students who enrolled by the hundreds in a special employment program.

Is it true that the english equivalent of the lowly kulitis is the elegant amaranth, so I've heard when the queen of the house [or maybe empress would be more appropriate] was finally installed as the Honored Lady in waiting on a hot Friday afternoon when I stood for a missing Court during the roll call.

So I took my bike out --- with Bulan first, then Bong, Kuya Rey and Ading, and finally by myself.

I am running out of new biking trails and Bulan is going to college.

Perhaps it's time to get employed again...  

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