Monday, January 19, 2015


I thought it was a boring disorganized mountain bike ride with a catchy name [Uhay Festival Bike Ride], until we climbed the first hill and experienced "The Wall" and my first serious single track downhill ride.

Overall, it was a good ride and I won a tire tube in the raffle draw!

The next day, the wife cooked our stack of spaghetti from last year's holidays as me and Kuya Darwin took the 373 Bikers to yesterday's pulsating ride across the Villa Trails, and there we met Kuya Jerry on top of a hill who told us of a hidden waterfall somewhere along the hills of Parista and Lupao. Then we hit "The Wall".

The spaghetti was waiting when we got home. It went out quick including the loads of birthday cakes sent which is the most I've ever had. That's breakfast.

Then I took the kids and the nephews to Pizza Hut where they wolfed down three varieties of stuffed pizza, and a huge platter of spaghetti. That's lunch.

It was Lordee's birthday too so we dropped by Jollibee-Circumferential to watch the kids party as we parents gossiped and discreetly went out for a cigarette after each parlor game. The famous Jolly Chicken with Jolly Spaghetti was served. That's dinner.

"You're so cute!" Hetty Spaghetti whispered as she groped my butt.

I am 45 and spaghetti was served on my birthday... 

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