Monday, November 10, 2014


Once in a while, there's just too much beer, grilled mahi-mahi and pork ribs, relyenong bangus, and ginataang suso.

And more beer, grilled squid and tuna belly, deep fried tawilis, sizzling bulalo, and pork barbecue.

There are churches too that are common enough to be forgotten but must be part of a routine.

Once in a while, an excellent plate of pansit is served with the perfect side.

For Ariel Guieb Tangilig, those once-in-a-while moments are worth honoring with a ride or two or three.

Once in a while, there's just too much beer, kaldereta, pinapaitan, and lechon tupa.

So the calories burned and the new trails discovered are necessary afterthoughts too.

FOOTNOTE: The featured church is CLSU's Church of Christ the Worker where I was kumpil-ed and married and my two boys baptized, while the pansit of the week and the bibingka that came with it are from Tess' wonderful kitchen. The new trails in the last two photos are [1] the Guimba-Munoz route via Cavite-Macapabellag-Sta. Ana-Faigal-Labney and [2] a daang kalabaw that connected Villa Santos with Villa Isla. 

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