Thursday, October 16, 2014

40 KMS TO CUYAPO [and more]

Cuyapo is a loaf of good memories.

There's a big slice of that very "Stand By Me" weekend in Burgos with Freddie, Arbel, and Leo when good life is just a cocktail of gin-Sprite-KoolAid and an unexpected kiss from the college sweetheart.

Even the crumbs are bursting with funny moments, like Arbel's eternally gelled hair and Leo proclaiming to the world [read: us] how he will amass all the coins in Cuyapo and dump sacks of these at the doorstep of a former high school girlfriend who will be married to a US Navy retiree.

Oyet P. too has a slice with his story of how the Americans captured Apolinario Mabini by bribing a young boy with candy, and a pilot swooping down the Paitan Lake every time his plane passes by Cuyapo.

And there's Bulan and Lupo Domingo Quilban riding the gentle slopes between Munoz and Talugtug and keeping up in the harsher rolling hills between Talugtug and Cuyapo.

It was their first ride together and Ariel Guieb Tangilig's first encounter with Cuyapo's St. Roch, so I thought that deserve a huge slice from the memory loaf too, plus a heaping plate of miki from Joy-Ling's Pansiteria.

I'm not sure what happened two days after except that I woke up on a Wednesday reeking of beer and nuked Spam, then me and Ariel Guieb Tangilig scratching the itch of a mysterious unnamed dirt-turned-muddy road which took us to Palusapis, then another which brought us to San Anton, and then the company of two buxom ladies in a late-starting forum and their gift of a take-home Jollibee spaghetti which I suspect is the culprit in my 4-day bout with diarrhea.

Now that [the diarrhea] don't deserve a slice from the memory loaf but the lingering perfume of the two buxom ladies surely do.

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