Tuesday, June 10, 2014


I mean the hail storm that almost ruined our summer ice cream moment at the Da Vinci Café in Bonn should have descended upon the senate's Three Kings of Thievery in an intense, steady, and Category 5 manner worthy of an "adverse effects of climate change" scenario.

I've seen ice pellets from the sky before but falling ice chunks the size of pingpong balls are a new experience, and rare too it seems for the locals who rushed to pick melting souvenirs after the storm vanished as quickly as it came.

That aside, it's emerging to be a pretty boring session on workstreams that denote inaction [NAPs read: country climate change adaptation intentions] and whatever [NWP read: climate change-related knowledge products] with flashes of brilliance in Loss and Damage courtesy of a brilliant lawyer from GenSan, and the familiar acrimony in the negotiations for agriculture.

I did attend a side event with an interesting topic on Carbon Majors [read: polluters must pay!]...

...shot a bird for Usec Fred in the Maritim....

...and toasted two big glasses of beer along the Rhine with colleagues from Oxfam.

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