Friday, August 16, 2013


But before that was a pleasant surprise.

Air China does not sell comfort seats!

These are available on a first-come first-serve basis.

And I completely understood why while boarding the connecting flight from Beijing to Stockholm when I was kindly asked by a travelling Chinese family of three if I can exchange seats so they can be together which I did not mind since I was moved within the same comfort seat area, and then again by the flight steward in behalf of a Chinese couple which got me an upgrade to a semi-business class seat.

I did not mind that at all, except that I have to do with a paper plate of rice and chicken drowning in mushroom sauce washed down with an anemic blend of cold milk tea in Beijing International's Terminal 32 for lunch because I can't find any noodle restaurant around.

But I guess the two churches during the taxi ride from Stockholm's Arlanda Airport to Ranas erased that and raised my expectations on more churches to come although since this is Sweden, I have low hopes of having a noodle experience but was eagerly anticipating an encounter with pickled herring.

What I was not prepared was the hormone shot I got from Ranas Slott [not slut]. 

Everything inside me just boiled, balls and all, but not in a sexual way.

I have found my Swedish Erotica and it is an 18th-century castle where I will be lodging for the next 3 days.  

I am in Sweden and I am king!

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