Saturday, May 04, 2013


Suddenly, we have time.

Which is unusual for a UNFCCC session.

So for the morning, I decided to ride all the way to the Bonn Central Station to revisit the grandeur of Munsterbasilika and find that ecclesiastical tower protruding from the city skyline from a distance as we grappled with our over sized Chinese-noodles-with-fried-duck dinner from the Asian Wok some time back.

Munsterbasilika is easy but I have to wait for the soft light of the morning sun to wash the whole structure.

But when the sun did, its shadows submerged the Evangelical Church not far away leaving me no choice but to shoot against the light.

The next day, our chief negotiator gave us the time off in the afternoon so I hooked up with two lady colleagues for the (in)famous Birkenstock outlet in Bad Honnef.

And then the Siemes Schuh Center on the way back.

And the Hit Supermarket for a guided shopping of German sausages after a heady dinner of paksiw na galunggong, daing na espada, lumpiang gulay, and pinakbet German-style at Ate Linda's who kindly drove us around.

Today, I thought there are more to those city rail stations and decided to find out.

That's how I discovered the Hochkreuz (i.e. high cross) in the station of the same name that was erected on a crossroad as a monument to penance in the 14th century.

Tomorrow, I will attempt to surprise myself by exploring Museum Koenig, Juridicum, and Universitat-Markt beyond just being train stations  on my way to kill time in the Hauptbahnhof area.  

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