Sunday, October 10, 2010


Chris Sabian (aka as Kevin Spacey) is a baby compared to those negotiating an international treaty on climate change. And Danny Roman (aka as Samuel Jackson) is peanuts compared to the challenges of negotiating that treaty.

Me is just another NGO bureaucrat trying to make sense of the nonsense that’s going on. It’s amazing how diplomats can be so nice amidst all the sell-off and reneging and blackmailing.

In the end, the real culprits were the Niebaums, Argentos, and Hellmans. They get all the goodies while the good guys like Danny Roman get all the blame.

In Tianjin, the Niebaums and Argentos and Hellmans are pretty much around. Sometimes I ride the bus with them too on my way to my small hotel and them to their huge 5-star one. The United Nations is supposed to be the Chris Sabians but…

Perhaps it may be better just to walk away from all this madness. But Danny Roman must prove his case. We are him. We will survive and triumph. And that hope alone deserves a bowl of the tastiest and delicious-est bowl of noodles I’ve ever had in my whole life.

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