Friday, July 10, 2009


…I will take a moment of meditation so I could hear the counsel of the winds, discern the phantoms hiding in the shadows of the castle, and smell the fragrance of flowers grown by weary Lords from the distant frontiers.

…I will carry on the task from which the Kingdom was born, learn from the shattered monuments of the previous two Kings’ suicidal judgements, and promise never again to deviate from the Kingdom’s charter under the penalty of a most painful death.

…I will trim down my army to those who are relevant to the task at hand and have the courage move on, and banish those who pretend to be such but were not.

…I will strengthen the fortresses in the Outer Kingdom and provide the Lords with the arms to fight their battles because it is the villages and farms outside the walls of the castle where the Kingdom draws its strength.

…I will never betray my Kingdom and its people even to allies who gather at my courtyard under the guise of friendship.

…I am the King of my people and the general of my army; I will be decisive, and I will be strong.

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