Tuesday, May 26, 2009


BANGKING TRIED TO GET UP but unseen arms of the splinted bamboo bed seemed to pull him down. He closed his eyes as the thatched cogon roof suddenly contorted like gigantic waves rushing to engulf him. His stomach convulsed and he puked in an effort to keep from throwing what remained of last night’s pulutan and gin. The glow in his cheap imitation wristwatch said it is 4:30 in the morning. He should beat Barbasan to Lakay Puyot’s house.

He rose from the bed with one final effort, holding on to the sawali wall to steady his sinking feet, drinking the welcome cold morning wind that escaped from an assortment of rusty tin biscuit containers and shiny GI sheet retasos tucked in the walls and roof to keep the rain out.

Except for Lakay Porong who would be sweeping his yard by that time, Almaguer is still asleep. Bangking hurriedly washed his mouth, sprinkling what remained of the water in his head and folding down the unruly tufts of hair with his finger. He grabbed a neatly folded papelito wrapped around an aged yellow Bic pen and reminded himself to be careful in adding up the por lata. One saltod will take away the only work he can do at that time...

ALOT WOKE UP EARLY TO prepare for that day’s interview in the ili. Her Tatang Puyot, long time Apo Kapitan of Almaguer, had arranged a job for her as a clerk in the munisipyo that will pay her P1,500.00 every month.

She poured water into the sooth covered takore and added four scoops of ground barako coffee. Alot always liked the strong aroma of the barako. Somehow, that masculine smell arouses her, like what it is doing now, as she felt the familiar tingling sensation suddenly creeping from inside her up to her hardening nipples.

Last night’s dream was morbid. Alot shuddered as she recalled the big black snake wrapping itself around her body, hissing loudly and caressing her face with its darting forked tongue as they fall into a dark abyss. Bangking will explain to her the anunsiyo from the dream and she will bet on it. That’s what Alot thought as she started pumping water for her bath and mentally listed down what she could buy with a tumbok P10 sahod P5 win…

THE SIGHT OF A WET kamison clinging to the brown skin of Alot’s supine body blew away Bangking’s nasty hang-over. A surprised Alot stood up, covering her proudly protruding breasts with her hands. They stood there for a time, paralyzed by the suddenness of it all, until Alot finally walked to the banyo. Everything in Bangking suddenly came to life, and his heart leapt as he noticed that the banyo has no door. His mind screamed NO! as his feet began to pull itself towards the banyo. Alot is wringing her wet kamison when Bangking walked in. She tried to push him away as he began to caress and kiss her but her hands remained frozen to her breasts.


Bangking stopped.

“What is the lurok for a black snake chasing a girl into a hole?”

Bangking struggled with his words.

Uno and disi-otso for the snake. Treinta for the hole.”

Bangking’s hot gin-laced heavy breath smother Alot, and she felt his roused manliness.

“I’ll put P15 for a 1-18-30 kalut.”

Bangking nodded. Then kissed her. He began to explore inside her kamison. Alot closed her eyes as her hands groped that throbbing sensation pressed in her stomach…

ANSIT PHOTO: Pansit canton (and a pizza) from Bay’s Inn in Baler, Aurora.


ZeroGravity said...

Pocha, tinigasan ako dun a.

Shempre, alam mo nang may mga pari at madre na naliligaw dito sa blog mo, hindi ba?


hanz said...

hahaha.. biglang pinutol yung storya tsaka ibinaling sa pancit hehehe