Tuesday, February 10, 2009


I disagree that adobo is the Filipino national dish beacuse it’s too soy saucy and therefore too Chinese for me. It should be the flexible and event-neutral pansit.

But I like American Adobo. I mean that Laurice Guillen film. And Gerry (Ricky Davao) who finally broke free from the closet and that scene inside the car on the highway with Mike (Christopher De Leon) which killed me a little. And Tere (Cherry Pie Picache). Stupid but lovable Tere.

I was telling this to wifey but she’s already asleep. So I scrawled my bihon and canton recipes.

Some weeks later, I received as birthday gifts photos of the improved versions of both recipes from a dear friend in Canada. And a chocolate cake for dessert too. A perfect cast for a film that I will be making soon…

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