Monday, January 26, 2009


I can’t resist reminiscing that week in Washington DC 5 months ago as I watched the continuing saga of the world’s most popular citizen unfold on CNN. The landmarks were poignantly familiar. The Man just narrowly clinched his party’s nomination when I went stateside for the IVLP program on Environment and Sustainable Development…


January 18, 2009: The inaugural festivities officially kicked off with a speech from The Man and a concert. I missed the speech but caught the last song from Beyonce. It was when I realized that I just turned 39. Earlier in the same place 163 days ago, I shoot my photos after a long walk from Arlington across the Potomac where I lost myself among the maze of tombs and headstones searching for Joe Louis and Audie Murphy’s grave after a series of heady sessions at the EPA, the USDA, and the US TR’s office.


January 20, 2009: The Man took his oath in the steps of the Capitol and had lunch with the congressmen and senators. Ted Kennedy fell ill. Then the delayed inaugural parade to the White House via Pennsylvania Avenue. The Man and his wife went out the limo and walked twice. I had to pee so I missed the first one. Earlier in the same places 163 days ago, I can only gaze at the White House from a distance beyond the great iron fence after a long train ride from the Basilica in the city suburbs and nearly getting lost in the maze of colored subway lines in Chinatown. The lunch at the Capitol cafeteria was great and it was fun riding the underground train to the House of Representatives’ side of the building. Our ELOs quickly jumped to the other side when told that they were sitting on the Republican side of the session hall.


January 21, 2009: The Man and his family attended a national prayer service. I have to go work so I did not watch CNN. Earlier 165 days ago, I paid $15 for the taxi fare (plus tip) to the Cathedral. I was early, it was still closed so I walked around shooting before joining a group of tourists where I peeled away later because the tour guide was talking too much and I was running out of time. I walked the way back via Georgetown University where a cute college girl approached and gave me directions. I might have been looking so lost. Then a boat ride in the Anacostia and a bonding moment with the children of a violent neighborhood.

It was The Man from there though I was not able to go to his campaign center in Des Moines. I bought 2 of his campaign shirts while waiting for a plane ride in Denver that was bursting with merchandise for the Democratic National Convention. Then Hillary, Joe Bidden, and finally The Man speaking on TV during football game dinners in a cozy hotel room in wet Portland

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