Wednesday, October 22, 2008


The flickr Philippines Group (flickristas) recently held a photo exhibit cum contest at the Trinoma Cinema Hall last October 15-18. There were 56 entries who responded to the “08-08-08: Ikatlong Banat” challenge and one of these is mine.

My photo entry’s story started with a brisk walk from the National Zoo to my hotel in Washington DC then passing by a small group of Tibetan exiles holding a vigil at the Dupont Circle. I saw them earlier picketing the Chinese Embassy while riding to one of our federal government agency meetings. The activist in me was naturally drawn in as the incenses started burning and the Buddhist monks chanted their prayer. I walked around, looking at graphic photos of bleeding and dead people from the recent crackdown in Tibet. In solidarity, I helped a couple of young Tibetans light up small candles. Then I started shooting. It was 08 August 2008, the opening ceremonies of the Beijing Olympics.

I did not win though and I somewhat expected that. It’s enough for me that my work was included in the exhibit. I was happy too that jobarracuda went home with the Toshiba computer notebook first prize and angrylittleboy with the point and shoot digital camera second prize. I met them once during the final turn-over of the Lagalag Notebooks and I consider them as my friends and mentors. And thank you to Stitch who made the exhibit possible.

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Sidney said...

Congrats...too bad I was not aware of this exhibition..