Saturday, March 29, 2008



Blah blah blah blah blah! Its Day 3 of a talk and counter-talk shop. Many opted to clam up with that "so-what-else-is-new?" uninterested smugness. Oh the malady of eternal assessment points! And the penchant for recycled and unfulfilled plans! The curse of the talking chairs because resolutions are only for the brave hearts.

Down the street, people suddenly looking glum streamed out of the nearby church. Perhaps its the crosses on their foreheads from last year's palms.


God created paradise in 6 days. It took 2 assholes a bite of an apple to take it away.

Us took years of putting up the social enterprise of our dreams. He (our wide-eyed asshole) took some months to bring it down. But we are not going down so off to the City of Pines for 2 days of reflection. And as we flog ourselves, Jun shoots the waving palms at San Jose City's cathedral.

But its not the palms. Its Jesus stopping at the gates of Jerusalem and crying.


Must go to Aliaga to shoot these abong-abongs where the pasyons are done. But wife suddenly wanted me within seeing distance. So I sulked myself all day and was glared down as I tried making my case.

Okey. Bulan will have to wait until next year for my explanation that the Lenten abong-abongs originated from the mag-aanito's sambahan a long time ago.


Sorry Jun but wife is still in that "You don't argue with me!" mood. She knew I will be shooting the penitents of Puncan. Her first order of the day is to bring out the laundry. Bad news for me. That means no shooting today.

Jun will have Puncan all by himself while I do the rinsing and flagellate myself.


The Pantok Lenten Sports Festival had been going on for more that 10 years now. The main event is exclusively for motorsiklong pang-traysikel but before that is a short marathon, a bicycle race, and the battle for the title of Karyada King. This festival is such a hit that it has become a tradition and that it has reached the dinadayo category. Its not difficult to find. Just look for a large gathering of people along the Bacal 2, Talavera portion of the national highway. It runs from Maundy Thursday until Black Friday.

Today is the finale and I have been invited as the official photographer.


Wife finally weaned out of her doomsday mood. But the water lines need refitting. So off to the plumber and a whole day of plumbing.

There never was a more glorious Easter and the sweetest 2 cold bottles of Red Horse beer afterwards.

PHOTOS EXPLAINED (from top to bottom):

PANDACAN, MANILA. The Franciscans established the the ecclesiastical mission of Pandacan in 1574. Fr. Francisco del Rosario started building the first stone church in 1732 that was destroyed twice by earthquakes, and totally rebuilt.

CONCEPCION, TARLAC. What is now the town of Concepcion was carved from Magalang and established as a separate pueblo in 1866 after which the first church was built. This was probably damaged and rebuilt in 1893 by Fr. Fernando Vasquez (OSA). The church was renovated to an extent such that the original structure is no longer visible.

STA. MARIA, BULACAN. Sta. Maria de Caboan was once known as San Miguel and established in 1602. What was probably its first church was built by Fr. Gerocino Vasquez (OFM) in 1613 and later destroyed during the 1639 Chinese revolt. It was replaced by another building in 1669 that fell down during the 1880 earthquake and rebuilt in 1891.

UMINGAN, PANGASINAN. I've heard stories about a church that was destroyed during World War II. So far, this is the only information I have about the church history. Umingan is a significant milestone of our family's story on my father's side. I thought it fitting to bring Kuya Bulan and Balong to a pilgrimage on our past.

BINALONAN, PANGASINAN. Fr. Policarpio Ilana (OP) started building the church in 1842 four years after Binalonan was established as an independent town. The construction was only completed at around 1930 during the ecclesiastical administration of Fr. Pio Mabutas. The church was converted into a garrison by the invading Japanese forces and was heavily damaged during a bombing raid. Fr. Pablo Evangelista started rebuilding the parochial buildings after the war that was completed at around 1961 by Fr. Leon Bitanga. The church have been vastly improved since then and only parts of the wall from the original structure remained visible. The facade has just been recently restored following that of the original design.

PANIQUI, TARLAC. The colonial era church was one of the first to be built in the Philippines. It was reconstructed during the 1920s and was extensively renovated in the 1970s. The convent, although showing signs of recent renovation/reconstruction work, is still intact. The church is probably where Fr. Gregorio Aglipay drafted the constitution of the Philippine Independent Church on 23 October 1899. The landed Cojuangcos also traces its roots in Paniqui's Barangay Matalapitap.


Sidney said...

Looks like Holy Week was mixed... some good things... some bad things...
I guess, that is life...

Sidney said...

Oh... and blame it all on Eve.
(not on Adam! )

joey said...

hahaha...sarap ng holy week mo shubs hahahaha

Anonymous said...

Hey, doesn't Eve give you pleasure, hmmm? :p

jun of zerogravity said...

ahhhh, kaya pala. hmmm. understatement yung tawa ni joey.

dapat ganito ang tawa:


Anonymous said...

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