Wednesday, May 02, 2007


Meet Balong --- 4 years old and 28 kilos last April 28. He’s got 2 names. The first one means “fight for right” and the second one in honor of my favorite poet. He like riding in Tatay’s motorbike. One day, he will be like his Tatay (and his favorite ninong).

PHOTOS: Juan Pablo L. Ciencia in his father’s shoes (top) and preparing to gobble Nanay’s classic spaghetti (bottom).

Profile: Church of Milaor, Camarines Sur

The Franciscans started building the first church, dedicated to San Jose, in 1725 that was finished in 1735. It was destroyed by fire in 1740 and replaced by the present church. The bell tower was added in 1840.


Anonymous said...

cute ng bata. sarap kurot-kurotin. ilayo sa akin. hahaha

maui pacquiao

meg manubay said...

pucha grabe, ang swerteng bata talaga at hindi nag mana sa ama.